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Park Ward, Windsor Candidate Jon Davey

In my 50th year I felt the pull to stand for local election in the town I love… I’m am standing for a seat in Park Ward, Windsor… my spirit is independent and so are my politics… vote for me… thank you.


Why should you vote for me?

Download Policy document >>>

I’m a solid individual who stands up for what he believes in. Not in an arrogant, I’m right, your wrong militant approach to independence but one that asks for your thoughts and opinions, reflects and comes to a position based on the views of my constituents… surely that is what democracy is all about? Listen and learn, then make a decision…

That does require some effort on your part! You need to tell me what you think on any given topic. You can communicate with me using various social media channels or you can simply phone me up on my mobile 07717 820823.

I have spent my life helping companies and individuals get their message out to the world…

This started in corporate life with Nestle Foodservice and then Johnson & Johnson, launching Acuvue Contact Lenses in the north of England for the latter. At the age of 31, after a bit of a world tour, I moved to Windsor where I met my wife and we now have two teenage children & a dog!

max the dog

I walk Max most days in Windsor Great Park and it was good to see the boundaries of Park Ward taking in a great chunk of the Park including a few hundred yards of The Long Walk. That gets my brain considering constituency walks… should you vote me in as your Independent Councillor for Park Ward, we can meet and you can share your thoughts with me while we take a healthy stroll down the Long Walk!

Park Ward includes the central point of a fracking licence that had been granted to a US company, or it had in July 2013 when I looked into this… If voted in by you as your Independent Councillor for Park Ward I’ll have a dig around and see what the latest is on this… reporting my findings via my “I Love Windsor” blog so that not only the Park Ward constituents but also the wider Windsor community can not only see what I have found but also add their own thoughts and findings.

It also includes an area recognised by the European Union as a “Pollution Hot Spot”. The level of air pollution at the junction of Imperial Road and Winkfield Road is above acceptable levels according to the EU. So if voted in by you as your Independent Councillor for Park Ward then I would look into and report back on the reasons for this, bring solutions to the table and ensuring that the appropriate action is taken. I’d report my findings via “I Love Windsor” blog so that you can have your say.

Adding to the pollution is Heathrow but it has brought with it thousands of jobs in and around the airport as the UK’s No.1 port. Heathrow are looking at expansion, what shape this expansion takes is important. If they extend the runway by 3000+ metres then rather than being 2,000 feet above our heads they will be nearer 1,000… what would that mean to noise levels? A friend of mine lives in Hounslow and it’s very noisy. We need the facts and consensus before we reduce Windsor to simply a tourist attraction where people visit once but don’t bother coming back… like Ayres Rock and the millions of flies that start impacting at sun up!

I’ll keep my eye on any planning developments that look like they are trying to ram more houses or flats into a tight space without adequate off street parking… if we are breaching traffic pollution levels currently then how can adding more traffic to the flow help with that, it can’t… we need to ensure we are doing the best for the local population and my job, as your Independent Councillor for Park Ward, would be to ensure you are well informed of what is going on in Park Ward.

I’m a Rotarian, a member of Windsor & Eton Rotary Club and past chair of East Berkshire Federation of Small Businesses, a position I held for 5 years.

youth speaks 1090 zone final trevelyan school 2015

Within Rotary I champion the Youth Speaks initiative which encourages young people, through the schools, to present to a large audience which includes a panel of three judges who select a local winner. Currently Trevelyan School in Park Ward have won through local heat, area final, District Final and will be competing on the 18th April in Region Finals… win that and they go to the Nationals!

I always introduce the competition by sharing my opinion that having the ability to present your thoughts coherently to an audience is an essential skill, more valuable than any “O” Levels as once out of school, the ability to communicate will determine your future.

If voted in as your Independent Councillor for Park Ward then I would develop this programme further through all the schools in Windsor, empowering our youth so they are in the best position to communicate their passion and live a full and happy life.


Being involved with the schools I am aware of the “zero” funding that is available for career guidance in schools today! As your Independent Councillor for Park Ward I would actively promote stronger connections between our schools and local businesses. While actively encourage corporate connections, much more value for our children will be created by making it easy for micro businesses to be engaged with schools.

Most businesses are 1 or 2 people and they need help from some middle ground in making it possible for them to engage with young people. They have to remain focused on paying their current bills but would love to bring on new people if the right support was available. This support cannot be designed by administrators with no real life micro business experience… with your authority I would find the right people to make that happen for the benefit of your young people… so how do you give me that authority?

VOTE FOR ME Jonathan L Davey as your Independent Councillor for Park Ward.

magna carta 800 linkedin header

I am currently working on crowd funding initiatives, one of which is to help the Royal Borough crowd fund the Magna Carta Flotilla which I was asked to do in February by the council. If voted in the May elections I will encourage a more proactive, strategic approach to resource generation. Most large businesses will have their sponsorship / marketing plans laid out a year ahead… so the current council giving themselves less than 5 months to find and encourage participation is a little naive.  I will do my bit to help encourage participation but their is a need for much more of a business approach to decisions as the recent Leisure Centre contract underlines!

Thank you.

Jon Davey
Independent Candidate for Park Ward, Windsor
07717 820823

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