Should we have wind farms in Windsor?

westerly winds blow into Windsor

Is this a question you have posed to the local council or would it be one that might be relevant to your take on things?

At the very least, today is a great day for getting that laundry done… it’s drying in the hour!

Would you like to see wind farms in Windsor… anyone know what size turbine might power the town? Would half a dozen in the Great Park do the job? Could that provide all residents with FREE electric to charge up their homes and transport? Has anyone ever asked the question?

I guess if Heathrow get their way and extend the runway then any wind turbines might get in the way of the aircraft as they line up to land!

Seems to me these fresh Westerly winds are allowing us all to clear our heads for a new dawn… one where Independent Candidates represent the local population.

Could I do better than the current Park Ward Councillors?

When I hear myself moaning about something to do with Windsor then I have to ask myself, can you do it better? I don’t know if I can do it better, I just know as an Independent Councillor I would ask my local Park Ward residents what they thought about a given topic before I made up my own mind and represented them to the council at large.

I’m all about fair play and doing what is right for the population at large… not about the vested interests of a few who seem to control the power at this time.

Time for a change… nature is clearly showing us that today… time to vote Independent in the next elections and so if you see me, JON DAVEY on your ballot paper then put an X in the box…

Don’t forget you have two votes, so why not also select my fellow Independent candidate FRANCO DE LUCA… if you are not in Park Ward then vote for one or more of the other Independent Candidates.

Thank you.

Jon Davey

wwra logoMy campaign is being sponsored by West Windsor Residents Association. They have an excellent local reputation for backing good eggs and they have picked a few others for the elections on May 7th.

Carol Da Costa
Kevin Chapman
Wisdom Da Costa

Franco De Luca
Jon Davey

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