What are the things that most concern Park Ward residents?

I’ll soon find out… I have a good idea but it’ll be interesting to hear it from the mouths of local people.

airbus possible flight path into heathrowI Love Windsor and am tired of hearing about the wool being pulled over everyone’s eyes with a small group of incumbents doing what they like in the council chambers. And they can, the Tories and a huge majority and so can rule the roost in whatever way works for their agenda.

It would seem that they enjoy talking about saving people money on their council tax, a quid here, 20p there, it all stacks up if interest rates are a little over 1% and so traditional sensible savers are looking to go bonkers and buy and extra pint of milk this week… it’s pathetic… stop trying to make “savings” that are going to bite you in the bum… one financial expert reckons there is a £33,000,000 black hole in the RBWM finances!

They make the savings and then ask for it back to pay for services… how’s that work? Just spend it properly in the first place! Rather than on increasing councillors allowances… last year’s councillors took over £600,000 from the community pot… in 2007 that was nearer £320,000!

As for the LibDems and Conservatives shouting about the Pension reforms that kick in today… are they a good idea? Personally it sounds like an opportunity for those who are jolly careful to again get taken for a ride by those who throw caution to the wind… so what colour Ferrari will you be buying today?

Not sure announcing this today is in breach of the gentleman’s agreement that is Purdah but then again it will probably bite them in the bum 😉

We need a sensible approach to community finances… one that focuses on doing the best job at a favourable price, ideally spent with a local business rather than some large corporation with little or no interest in the local community… and if council tax has to go up to pay for it then so be it… if it’s well thought through then people will understand, they’re grown-ups not stupid incompetent fools.

The only way anything can change is if people stop voting by colour and start thinking, what have these people done while given the trust of the community to do the best job possible?

If the answer is “NOT A LOT!” then you need to look at the other candidates and make a decision based on what you read about them and how they have helped others… if all you read is how they have helped themselves then are they really people you want running the local council? Running their own business perhaps but an organisation that is suppose to help the community, probably not!

We’ll be pushing out our A3 policy document in a few days once the ink has dried… stay tuned for more…

Thank you.


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