What is RBWM Tory Leader David Burbage MBE interest in my campaign?

When people start feeling nervous they do the strangest things…

Never once has Councillor David Burbage MBE acknowledged my presence on the planet.  He’s been leader of the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead council since 2007, I’ve seen him out and about on a few occasions but we’ve never really had a proper chat.  Then the other day he sends me an email…

  Thought you’d want to know you appear a bit strangely in the WWRA candidates photo!
  Were you actually there – or is just a bit of “collaborative” work by the WWRA team?!



Obviously WWRA can’t afford to waste money on professional shoots and I it was a chance meeting with Wisdom Da Costa and Carol at The Magna Carta Launch Dinner at Cowarth Park, after the original picture had been taken, that introduced me formally to WWRA.

They wanted to help Independent Candidates in Park Ward and I was happy to take their help and guidance… nothing underhand about that.  So why has David seen fit to engage with me right now?

I had strongly recommended that Adam Afriyie MP have a word with Wisdom, an accountant, after the elections about a suspected multi million pound black hole in the council budget.  Perhaps Adam has asked David to explain what this is all about already?

I did feel for Adam at the hustings… he was trying to cover some bloody big cracks in the Conservative council actual outcomes that both he and the local constituents know are there.  Adam is having to work harder than usual to shore up what has been a Tory stronghold.

I guess these nerves are showing and I’m seen as a real threat to their current dictatorship… why else would David bother to email me, some Independent nobody… I am taking his interest as a compliment and I wish him well in Bray… next time we’ll encourage a couple on Independent candidates to stand and truly give him a run for his money 😉

Thank you.



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