Wisdom Da Costa responds to Tory Tactics

Sunday 26th April 2015 Wisdom was approached by a local resident while out walking his dogs on Sutherland Grange, “How come you’ve got the Tories delivering your leaflets Wisdom?” he asked jovially!

“What do you mean Terry?”

“Take a look at this…” he said while handing Wisdom the leaflet below…

tory focus on clewer north flyer

Councillor Geoffrey Hill pushed out a picture of Councillor Derek Wilson and “Mr Mayor” (my own pet name for Councillor Asghar Majeed, a fellow Yorkshireman) out delivering these flyers in Clewer North today.

Geoff, Derek & Asghar are all Tory Councillors from Oldfield Ward, Maidenhead. So why are they over in Windsor delivering flyers? I guess being cabinet members their increased allowances may enable them to take part time jobs, allowing them ample free time to deliver leaflets.

Councillor Geoffrey Hill as Lead Member for Highways received £17,783.31 between April 2013 and March 2014 for managing the state of your roads.

Councillor Derek Wilson has been Cabinet Member for Planning since August 2014, so only received pro rata £12,617.20 in that period, a department that failed to get the Local Plan in on time which means the RBWM may not be able to collect a “Community Infrastructure Levy” fee (previously known as Section 106) from building projects which are then used, or not, to support local community amenities and health projects.

Councillor Asghar Majeed, Chairman of Licensing pulled in £11,179.13 and should really be talking to nightclub owners about minimising the impact of their customers on local residents rather than pushing negative publicity through Windsor residents doors. I know he knows better than that.

Surely Councillor Phillip Bicknell (£19,107.57) would be better placed delivering these through the doors of a neighbouring ward, after all he did produce them… but then I guess he’s currently busy “making hay” on all the flyers that the Conservatives need for their various negative campaigns… I do hope they have been costed properly in their campaign expenses and any discount shown as a benefit in kind… if they forget I’m sure we’ll point it out to them. Surely as Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Children Services he should be setting a better example for the youth of tomorrow?

Reflecting on why so many senior Tories are making time to try and dislodge Councillor Wisdom Da Costa from his Clewer North seat, who only receives the basic allowance of £7,225, it is very apparent that by inspiring others to fight Independent campaigns Wisdom is upsetting the apple cart, some might say gravy train and they’d really like to see the back of him.

The alternative is that you help us “pick up the apple cart” and prevent the Tory “bullies” from having their way by supporting more Independent Councillors across the RBWM… VOTE INDEPENDENT 7th May.

Now that would be amusing, if their “dirty tricks” campaign back fired on them…

What would be even more amusing is that we help 57 Independents stand next time 😉

Thank you.

Jon Davey

2 thoughts on “Wisdom Da Costa responds to Tory Tactics

  1. It’s a shame these Tory councillors can’t spend a little more time getting their own house in order rather than trying to knock down others. I guess the attitude trickles down from the top.


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