House Building Using Community Shares in RBWM

community fund bell inn pub

Tired of enforced house building not being affordable to our kids in Windsor & Maidenhead?

Then you need to VOTE for JON DAVEY your INDEPENDENT candidate in Thursday’s elections and I will research how we engage with Community Shares to build future housing stock.

If the government is forcing house building probably because it’s one of the only things that has made people money in the last few years, so good for pension funds but also good for generating annual council tax!

If we need to build houses then let’s build houses for our kids so they can get on the housing ladder and make them affordable by removing the profit element and encouraging the community to come together as one and create their own Community Share Fund for housing stock.

This would not be owned by the council and therefore couldn’t be sold off for some short term gain before a future election! It would be owned by the community and be for the community.

The picture above is of a community fund that raised money to buy a pub… something that the local people are passionate about… that is the key, lots of people with a common goal…

Thank you.

Jon Davey

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