Good afternoon Madam Mayor Councillor Eileen Quick

May I start by just saying how nice it was to see you at Her Majesty’s Garden Party this year and thank you for supporting the Children of Nepal with your contribution to the Tombola… it looks like we’ve raised over £1000 so far! Thank you for playing your part.

I’m not sure if you’ve seen what’s going on over at Facebook but the local population is up in arms about the £480,000 of developer funding going directly to Holyport College.

You will, or should have been made aware of the Petition on the RBWM website which has had over 1215 signatures in less than a week… it could well be over 1500 by the end of the day with 3 weeks to run!

rbwm petition

The last petition that Simon Dudley was involved in, with his powerful reach, got 22 votes and the only other petition to get close was around Heatherwood Hospital which achieved 1281 signatures in 2013… this petition is set to go way beyond.

Openness and transparency being the watchwords banded about with abandon during the election… all too soon forgotten when the ballot box has been closed for another 5 years… or maybe not?

Very appropriate in Magna Carta year, we have senior councillors at the Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead seemingly taking full advantage of their positions, assuming no-one will really care what they do.

How wrong they are…

holyport college simon dudley 480000

I wrote this on Friday: Why does Simon Dudley believe his school can have £480,000 while others get NOTHING? And watched in amazement as over 1000 people read the article over the weekend such is the strength of feeling and interest in this story…

parents anger boils over

Yesterday afternoon at 5:32pm I pushed out this follow up: Parents anger boils over as RBWM councillors apparent self interest goes viral and while writing this blog, 23 hours later over 1400 people have visited this story on my blog!

This is absolutely amazing, ask anyone who scribbles a blog and they will tell you, if 20 people read one of their blogs they would be pleased 😉

With over 1,000 signatures the Petition cannot be ignored, can it?

I would have thought that would be enough to ensure serious action, at the very least an extremely open and transparent public enquiry by the RBWM leading to, if any discrepancies found by the Ombudsman, a by-election or two…

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not some namby pamby liberal let’s all love each other kind of guy but I do like to see fair play and whichever way you cut this, it ain’t fair.

It begs the questions:

1. If the rules of the Section 106 process have changed, has each and every RBWM school been given exactly the same information with which to create and submit their proposals based on the new formula?

2. Was any information withheld by Cllr Simon Dudley or Cllr Philip Bicknell which gave any sort of an advantage to Holyport College?

3. Were the relevant people within the RBWM schools given any training on the new process?

If these councillors were not in public office and were simply doing the best for a school they are actively involved in then I’d say well done for winning the game.


I just wanted to ensure you are fully informed of what is happening in the virtual world and I will watch with interest as the dice fall…

Thank you.

Jon Davey

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