Don’t stop me now…

I love Windsor and I’m working out how to communicate that through a variety of social media channels. Picking the right channel for the right job…

Do join us on the various channels that you engage on and add value to each of the channels as you feel the vibe… thank you.


The I Love Windsor WordPress site provides the central foundations on which to publish blogs about the different things that are going on in Windsor… from innocent summer fun to the political manoeuvrings of RBWM councillors.


Our Facebook Group is currently focused on sharing summer fun stuff, so if you know of anything happening in Windsor or surrounding area then do join the group and tell folk all about it.


Twitter is a great place for a quick chat about things… do send us links to stuff that you think would be useful for all our other social platforms and we can share them out accordingly.


Formal business stuff tends to go on over at LinkedIn and people engaging on their tend to do business further a field in say Bracknell or Bogota, Slough or Slovakia, Reading or Rome, Wokingham or Wolverhampton 😉 So I thought a great use for this would be to help middle aged folk find more work opportunities locally which might be both full and part time. I’ve set the filter to pick up jobs within 10 miles but I’d like local firms to add them too please. Also use it to share ideas of how to get jobs or if you hear about one going, post it.

This group is brand new but I set up the Business in Berkshire Group a number of years ago and we now have nearly 3,000 local business people in the group, join us >>>


I’ve posted a ton of videos on the channel including the one of Her Majesty on her jubilee walk which has had over 3400 views but my favourite has to be the welsh Guards playing outside Windsor Castle, that trumpet towards the end with the high walls for acoustic effect… amazing!


For my next project should I accept it, I’m going to put some effort into the Pinterest account which will give visitors direction to all things Windsor 😉

Please join the various groups if you are living in or around Windsor or are an expat looking in to see how things have changed…

Tourists are also welcome as long as they don’t upset the guards! Have you seen those videos, idiots!


Thank you.


One thought on “Don’t stop me now…

  1. Brilliant idea for a FB page & blog!! I love Windsor too!! Have lived here 15 years & husband is from Old Windsor. There is so much to do & see here from the castle & Savill Gardens to the river & the Magna Carta signing area nearby; as well as all the lovely cafes & restaurants. My most recent finds are Freedom Cafe on St Leonard’s Road, Huttons & Doodles Den (above the Library – mum & baby friendly) but then I am on maternity leave at the moment, so I’m becoming a coffee shop regular.
    Looks likely we will have to relocate to buy a house though, as Windsor is too expensive for first-time buyers, but it will be a sad day when we do.


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