Community Spirit Needed : Together We Succeed

Happy Friday residents of Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead… let’s unite as one and win our kids a new climbing frame… check their moto “Together We Succeed”!

People say there is no community spirit anymore… what with the councillors converting pubs where we used to hang out into houses that tower above existing buildings but hey, they’re councillors, better still they’re Tory councillors, they have a license to do whatever the F*** they like and knickers to anyone who tries to stand in their way.

We certainly united around the Holyport School mission with over one thousand six hundred signing the petition in record time… HURRAH, there is community… didn’t resolve anything, the councillors ran ruff shod over any objections and will just drag it out on their own terms until we move on to the next thing… we need to remind them that we can vote…

A local school needs our help to kick some national funding butt… OneFamily give out one lot of £25,000 each year and currently Knowl Hill C of E Academy are currently in FOURTH place in the schools category with a few days to go and need YOUR help in getting over the 2,000 votes threshold which might be enough to get the kids a new playground.

Currently on 598 votes >>>

knowl hill school playground

Now these are just ordinary kids at an ordinary school which means their funding gets smashed to bits the most because no-one cares about ordinary kids… no special needs to grab your heart strings… no religious fundamentalists to blow us up if we don’t vote… just ordinary kids who could do with something new to play on next summer? Please 😉

You in… all you’ve got to do is fill in a form and vote… obviously you’ll get a couple of sales emails from OneFamily but that’s how this stuff works… they build their database, we get a new wooden fort for the kids to play on.

Two minutes, you can even sign in using social media…

Currently there’s a school in Essex in top spot with 1,591 votes for a new swimming pool… obviously the existing one has gone all orange and it needs some industrial cleaner to get it back into shape 😉

Now you could just sit back and do nothing and let Essex win or you can CLICK HERE and help our kids WIN and show the UK that even though our own councillors think we are a push over, the reality is there is a community in RBWM and if and when we want to mobilise we blinking well will… and we’ll win the outcomes we are looking for in the future…

By demonstrating unity they then start to get palpitations when considering if they should mimic Cameron with a Gloucestershire Old Spot, Pot-bellied, Tamworth or Berkshire Pig?

They’ll think better of it and decide they should put the pig down and respect it as one of God’s creatures that should simply be eaten in due course and not part of some secret fraternity ritual.


Thank you.


One thought on “Community Spirit Needed : Together We Succeed

  1. Hi Jon, thank you so much for supporting us with this. We learned this week that the school have now needed to stop the children from using much of the minimal play equipment For their safety. So our kids now have to look at their sad former playground at break times. We are a wonderful little community school and we need support. Come on Windsor we REALLY need you guys to help us win this. Please support our lovely little village school.

    Ps don’t be put off by the marketing blurb, you can opt out of receiving any. Thank you


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