RBWM Great Leaders don’t always volunteer

With Councillor Burbage’s “shock” resignation last week, the vultures are already circling, dark forces at work…

The Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead needs a leader that is respected by the councillors, council employees and most important of the local population.

Someone who doesn’t have self interest written all over them like the current incumbent leadership. In my opinion Councillor Simon “I love Eton Mess” Dudley and Councillor “I print ALL the leaflets” Bicknell need to step aside and allow new blood to step forth and change the current atmosphere in the council… very few senior managers hanging around very long… why would that be?

holyport college simon dudley 480000

Local record breaking council surveys ignored… “We don’t care what the people say…” they ran roughshod over popular opinion and had fun doing it!

Here’s the latest employee survey to be discussed by the council shortly… not sure the words match the percentages but you know what they say, “lies, damn lies and statistics!”

50% didn’t bother to fill it in!

Thing is, good people tend to hide their light under a bushel and so YOU need to encourage your councillor, or one you know to be a top bloke or top bird, to step up to the plate… the only way to do that is to shout out and show them your love…

jon davey and wisdom da costa election day

Franco and I had fun last April running as Independents… great lessons about politics learned 😉

All conservative councillors have until the 8th May to get their entry in… add your favourite for leader below… let’s show the council who the people want to lead the way.

Thank you.


2 thoughts on “RBWM Great Leaders don’t always volunteer

  1. read the staff survey – the unhappiest people are in the Chief Executives services – children’s where she has been for over three years – It is unbearable for so many of us that work hear –


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