PM Theresa May worried about #GE2017 seat after Tories lose 100% of seats in council elections!

With all the Champagne corks a popping at Tory HQ, the Windsor & Maidenhead council election result must be extremely embarrassing for the Prime Minister Theresa May and her prodigy Simon “Dudders” Dudley as they lost 100% of the seats up for grabs to an Independent candidate!

I wonder who’ll be primed to topple Dudders before the next council election… failure will not be tolerated by the PM and if people started talking about this it could be excruciatingly painful for the annuals of history…

Especially if social media ignited with it on the run up to the elections next month! Just imagine 😉

Wisdom D’Costa sailed through as the WWRA’s Independent councillor for Clewer North… a seat some say was “unfairly” contested last time out… but then the Tories don’t believe in fair play, anything goes… a little misdirection is all part of party politics.

This time round they were swarming all over North Clewer… Independent – Old Windsor Residents’ Association Councillor Lynne Jones reported, “I went down Gallys Road and there was about 40-50 Tory councillors and activists like locusts knocking on every door.”

Dudders tweeted this out feeling a “shoe in” coming on… TWEETED out on the day of he elections? Is canvassing allowed on election day?

Imagine his surprise later that evening… after 3 recounts!

 councillor wisdom da costa clewer north

Clewer North by-election results:
Boyle, Labour: 273
Da Costa, Independent: 805
Swann, Conservative: 784
Tisi, Liberal Democrats – 405

Glad to see Dudley’s been on a media course since the last election when he was blocking anyone not “on his page” and calling us all trolls.. bet this tweet really hurt 😉

Nice work Wisdom and all those that gave him a helping hand. Best get under that tree for the play offs 😉

Thank you.


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