Talking Brexit with Andrew Peach on BBC Radio Berkshire this morning…

I’ve been joining in with Peaches People on BBC Radio Berkshire since Brexit was voted for back in 2016. Today four of us were in the studio, sharing our thoughts on what’s next…

One of the key questions Andrew asked was, “were we angry that Brexit was being delayed?”

I reflected and shared that I felt more disappointed than angry… I’m 54 not 21… if I was 21 I would be furious but also naïve in the belief that parliament actually has some power.

At 54, I expect MPs to smudge things, guided by their corporate masters… the ruling elite do prefer the European model where they are at liberty to bribe and corrupt the system in place. I would prefer a model where I have one level of accountability, one that I can choose to vote for or not every 4 / 5 years… one that maintains sovereignty.

I’m spending my birthday watching proceedings on channel 232 and hearing the same rhetoric we’ve been hearing since 23rd June 2016. It seems that the back benchers are full of passion for their various causes but as soon as they climb the slippery pole they end up exchanging this passion for promissory notes…

The fact that Theresa’s deal locks us right back in with no right of reply as the EU changes it rules… that is not Brexit… some might say it’s treason.

Politics are going to change forever after this deplorable behaviour…

This selfish attitude of our “great” leaders is being mimicked by local councillors, who rule the roost with rods of iron and really don’t play fair… the only way this can change is by having 21 independent councillors in the RBWM.

This is the main reason I’m putting my hat in the ring as a West Windsor Residents Association candidate… if you want to see more transparency and each ward being treated as an equally valued part of the Royal Borough then vote for me and other Independent candidates.

Thank you.


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