Building Communities in Clewer & Dedworth…

Today I put my election forms into RBWM council offices so I’m all set for the up and coming Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead Council elections on 2nd May 2019.

jon carole and wisdom 2

I’m standing with Wisdom Da Costa in the Clewer & Dedworth West Ward and Carole Da Costa, Wisdom’s wife, will be standing in Clewer & Dedworth East, as West Windsor Residents Association (WWRA) candidates.

My main reason for standing is I am seriously bored of hearing how the current incumbents do not appear to have, at the core of their decision making, the interests of the local population, preferring to reflect on the interests of a few at the centre of power.

holyport college simon dudley 480000

After I saw £480,000 handed to Holyport College a few years ago and over 1000 local residents sign a petition bringing the council to task. At an open council meeting the Conservative councillors simply rubbished the claims of the public and Cllr Dudley, in charge of finance at the time, awarded the school all the SIC monies, instead of the sub £30,000 that they had been originally earmarked!

It made me physically sick to my stomach and I realised then and there, the only way you can change things is to become a councillor and be part of the change you want to see…

I’m looking forward to seeing the RBWM council full of 41 ward councillors from the broadest range of political affiliation representing the interests of the local population to the best of their ability from May 2019…

I will be writing blogs each day and getting out on the streets from next week when we’ll have taken delivery of our flyers. If you have any questions for me then just ask…

Thank you.


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