Community Wardens a REAL Asset to the Community

People need to feel safe in their communities and with Police numbers reduced, the West Windsor Residents Association would look to greatly increase the number of Community Wardens in the whole of the Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead.

Communities are built around people feeling safe and having friendly faces they can call on for a quick word or to enjoy a nice chat over a brew. People get to know people and this allows problems to be identified quickly, before they become significant, action taken and calmness restored.

Community wardens are empowered to give out fines for littering, but they could also be deployed more effectively to manage the parking environments around schools at the start and the end of the day. Recently a child was injured in road traffic collision outside Dedworth Middle School, these risks can be reduced with a more visible community warden presence, alongside a collaborative and strategic approach to traffic calming measures, keeping our children safe.


The lollipop ladies and gents are not so common these days but if supported by someone in uniform who could protect them from an angry parent or two, they may yet thrive again, lollipop version 2.0 could be found around the school gates, protecting our little people from the ever present danger of rushing parents in 4x4s who have had too few or too many coffees at the start of their day.

A vote for your WWRA candidates will promote a significant increase in the number of community wardens and help build communities.

Thank you.


Photo by Alex Iby on Unsplash

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