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The most important thing about the elections is that on the 3rd May there are 21 councillors who are not conservatives in the town hall so that control is back with the people.

The parties and number of candidates entered…

Conservatives – 41
Greens – 4
Independent – 2
Labour – 40
Lib Dems – 36
National Flood Protection party – 1
Old Windsor Residents Association – 2
tBf – 19
UKIP – 1
WWRA – 3

I’m standing with a West Windsor Residents Association banner in Clewer & Dedworth West and I’m inviting fellow candidates to connect up via the following social media channels and we can then support each other with our common goal.

I created a website called years ago and it now sits on wordpress and I’m happy to push out the stories from other candidates & parties.

I changed my twitter handle to so tweet me…

I also have a Facebook Group,

Let’s help each other and ensure there are 21 alternative councillors on 3rd May

Thank you


Photo by William Iven on Unsplash

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