Local Elections : On the doorsteps they are saying enough is ENOUGH…

People are no longer thinking in terms of red or blue, they are open to the rainbow of political thoughts and colours.

Walking the streets of West Windsor over the last few days the one thing that is very clear is that people are waking up and not willing to tolerate the obvious contempt that the major parties hold them in.

Whether you voted leave or remain, you are probably completely disgusted with the way that our parliament has behaved over the last few years, more specifically the last few days and hours.

A democracy is where people vote and what they voted for happens…

Under this current parliament we live in a dictatorship and the EU is at the centre making all the decisions, treating our parliament as puppets.

The local election on 2nd May will underline to parliament what the people want and that they’d best listen because they’re next for the chopping block.

Locally you have a chance to make your feelings felt by voting for one or more of the independent candidates who will have your local interests at heart.

They are accountable to you through regular surgeries, down at your local pub and in your local residents association?

Check out:

Thank you.


Photo by Denise Chan on Unsplash

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