Looking for 21 guns – no I’m not barking mad!

Mate of mine just posted picture of his dog on Facebook, lying on it’s back, legs 90 degrees at the elbow… got me thinking about Her Majesty’s birthday and the 21 guns salute in Windsor Great Park on Monday, she’ll be a magical 93 on Sunday!

I know what she’d like more… and I know how to get the finished product to her…

What I’m looking for are the best 21 “gun” dogs (any dogs) salute… we’ll get Snappy Snaps to work their magic… the 21 dogs with the most likes & loves on Facebook by 6pm Easter Sunday will feature on the card and we’ll ideally get it to her for Easter Monday 😉

Below are a list of Windsor based Facebook Groups that have this competition on them… so get posting your dog pics on one or all of them, the aggregate scores will count…

Love Windsor

Windsor Parents

Windsor Past and Present 2.0

We Love Old Windsor

Paws and Pints, Windsor

This was the final result…

21 gun birthday salute woof woof

Happy Easter

Happy Birthday Ma’aM

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