Key Reasons to Vote for Jon Davey & Wisdom Da Costa of West Windsor Residents Association on 2nd May

Hi, Wisdom and I got the last of our boards up at lunch time, 18 in total around Clewer & Dedworth West, the last one a special request on the doorstep from the husband for his wife… love is strong for WWRA… we just need you to get out and vote on Thursday 2nd May.

You’ll be getting our final flyer through the door over the next few days… here’s a sneak preview for those on social media…

Wisdom, Carole and I sat down last Saturday afternoon and finalised on our top 3 core topics and the key elements that mean the most to us and hopefully resonate with you, the residents of Clewer & Dedworth East & West 😉

Please ask us about each element and we’ll share our thoughts in more detail…

reasons to vote Wisdom Da Costa and Jon Davey

Protecting & Improving the Environment
• Revising the flawed Borough Local Plan to protect the green belt and serve the needs of residents
• Aim to secure Wyevale Garden Centre site for community use
• Stronger environmental emphasis including reducing single use plastics across the Borough and Council supply chains

Improving Road Safety & Transport
• Tailoring bus services to meet the needs of residents & local businesses
• Enhancing road safety by increasing Community Warden numbers & improving Street Lighting & CCTV
• Improving road and pavement repair processes & parking policies

Better Governance & Accountability
• Your voice matters – deeper consultation on important issues plus quarterly surgeries
• Explore the development of a Youth Council to inform Borough policies
• Greater transparency & scrutiny including increased levels of resident participation

da costa and davey building communities

I’ll push out more meaty posts dealing with each core topic over the next few days.

Enjoy your weekend.

Thank you.


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