List of RBWM Local Election Candidates with Social Media Links

So who are the candidates for the RBWM Local Election 2nd May 2019? I want to know more than a name… I want to see “the whites of their eyes” so figured you did too.

Here is a list with a link to a social media profile I found on page 1 of Google when I searched.

I didn’t use any official council pages as while technically they are still councillors until after the elections, it would be unfair to use those profiles as it might influence the viewer.

I didn’t use default party pages… I did use specific profile pages.

I didn’t use any newspaper links.

I did tend to use the first logical online link that I found… be that website, twitter, facebook, linkedin.

I am happy to change any links to the candidates preferred link… just contact me and I’ll get it sorted asap.

Enjoy… sorted by candidates first names…

Ascot & Sunninghill
Lib Dem Aaron Chahal
Independent Adam Jezard
Conservative David Hilton
Labour Ian Steers
Conservative John Story
Lib Dem Jonathan Pope
Conservative Julian Sharpe
Labour Margery Thorogood
Labour Spike Humphrey
Lib Dem Tamasin Barnbrook

Labour Ian Smith
Lib Dem John Baldwin
Conservative Joyce Mills
Conservative Keith Love
Labour Patricia Lattimer
tBf Richard Hemmings
Lib Dem Simon Bond

Bisham & Cookham
Labour Alexander McKendrick
Conservative Bill Perry
Green Chris Moss
Labour Geoff Cutting
Conservative Gerry Clark
Lib Dem Mandy Brar
Lib Dem Mark Howard

Boyn Hill
Lib Dem Adam Bermange
tBf Francis Hill
Lib Dem James Baldwin
tBf Kauser Brittain
Labour Marios Alexandrou
Conservative Michael Carroll
Labour Paul Lee
Conservative Singh Bhangra

Conservative David Coppinger
Lib Dem Joh Acker
tBf Lee Page
Conservative Leo Walters
Labour Paul Foakes
Labour Peter Targett
Lib Dem Sheila Adams

Clewer & Dedworth East
WWRA Carole Da Costa
Labour Daniel Wall
tBf Helen Price
Labour Laura Binnie
Lib Dem Mark Wilson
Conservative Michael Airey
Conservative Philip Bicknell

Clewer & Dedworth West
Labour Deborah Foster
Conservative Ed Wilson
Labour Joe Young
WWRA Jon Davey
Conservative Malcolm Alexander
WWRA Wisdom Da Costa

Clewer East
Lib Dem Amy Tisi
Conservative Dee Quick
Green Fintan McKeown
Conservative Natasha Airey
Lib Dem Karen Davies
Labour Patrick Green
Labour Stephen McGowan

Cox Green
Lib Dem Bill Black
Lib Dem Bruce Adams
Labour Colin Greenfield
tBf David Marks
Conservative Phil Haseler
Labour Robert Homer
Conservative Ross McWilliams

Datchet, Horton & Wraysbury
tBf David Buckley
Conservative David Cannon
National Flood Prevention Party Ewan Larcombe
Lib Dem Gareth Jones
Conservative Gary Muir
Labour Jennifer Ward
Lib Dem Linda O’Flynn
tBf Margaret Lenton
Labour Mark Olney
Labour Peter Ward
Conservative Rushi Milns
Lib Dem Tim O’Flynn

Eton & Castle
Labour Angus Cameron
Lib Dem Devon Davies
Lib Dem George Fussey
Conservative John Bowden
Lib Dem Julian Tisi
tBf Keith Owen
Labour Peter Shearman
Labour Riccardo Ludovici
Conservative Samantha Rayner
Conservative Shamsul Shelim

Furze Platt
Lib Dem Catherine del Campo
Labour Clive Lattimer
Conservative Derek Sharp
UKIP Edmund Holliday
Independent Hari Sharma
Lib Dem Joshua Reynolds
Labour Louise Clarke
Conservative Mohammed Ilyas
tBf Tom Easten

Hurley & Walthams
Conservative Andrew Johnson
tBf Hasrat Ali
Lib Dem Jenny Werner
Labour Jessica Pocock
Lib Dem John Iles
Hurley & Walthams Conservative Maureen Hunt
Labour Patrick McDonald

Old Windsor
Conservative Amit Verma
Conservative Arlene Carson
Old Windsor Residents Association Lynne Jones
Old Windsor Residents Association Neil Knowles
Labour Roy Reeves
Labour Yvonne Olney

Lib Dem Anna Bermange
Conservative Derek Wilson
tBf Geoffrey Hill
Lib Dem George Shaw
tBf Helen Taylor
Conservative Joel Wheeler
Labour Rory Nosworthy
Labour Tony Baker

Pinkneys Green
tBf Charles Hollingsworth
Pinkneys Green Lib Dem Clive Baskerville
Labour Jane Collisson
Conservative Marius Gilmore
Labour Nigel Smith
Conservative Richard Pope
Pinkneys Green Lib Dem Simon Werner

Conservative Christopher Targowski
tBf Claire Stretton
Green Craig McDermott
Labour David Knowles-Leak
Lib Dem Kashmir Singh
tBf Mick Jarvis
Lib Dem Rob Castell
Labour Sharon Bunce
Conservative Simon Dudley

St Mary’s
Lib Dem Andrew Hickley
tBf Derek Philip-Xu
Conservative Donna Stimson
Conservative Gurch Singh
Lib Dem Helen Craggs
Labour Jacob Cotterill
Green John Barron
tBf Richard Wawman
Labour Thomas Baker

Sunningdale & Cheapside
Labour Alison Carpenter
Conservative Christine Bateson
Lib Dem Mariano Julia
Conservative Sayonara Luxton
Lib Dem Sonya Lippold
tBf Valerie Pike

Thank you.


Photo by Colin on Unsplash

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