Wyevale Garden Centre Site to be bought back by an Independent RBWM Council

Wyevale Garden Centre Site to be bought back by an Independent RBWM Council is West Windsor Residents Association MAIN Campaign Pledge.

After all the campaigning it comes down to one factor for WWRA candidates… do you want to see Wyevale’s bought for the community or do you want the Conservatives to allow it to be knocked down and more expensive houses built?

Time to decide… election tomorrow 2nd May…

Vote for the independent candidates with a few chosen alternatives…

tBf Richard Hemmings
Lib Dem Simon Bond

Bisham & Cookham
Green Chris Moss
Lib Dem Mandy Brar
Lib Dem Mark Howard

Boyn Hill
tBf Francis Hill
tBf Kauser Brittain

Lib Dem Joh Acker
tBf Lee Page
Lib Dem Sheila Adams

Clewer & Dedworth East
WWRA Carole Da Costa
tBf Helen Price

Clewer & Dedworth West
WWRA Jon Davey
WWRA Wisdom Da Costa

Clewer East
Lib Dem Amy Tisi
Lib Dem Karen Davies

Cox Green
tBf David Marks

Datchet, Horton & Wraysbury
tBf David Buckley
National Flood Prevention Party Ewan Larcombe
tBf Margaret Lenton

Eton & Castle
Lib Dem George Fussey
tBf Keith Owen
Conservative Samantha Rayner

Furze Platt
Lib Dem Catherine del Campo
tBf Tom Easten

Hurley & Walthams
tBf Hasrat Ali
Lib Dem Jenny Werner

Old Windsor
Old Windsor Residents Association Lynne Jones
Old Windsor Residents Association Neil Knowles

tBf Geoffrey Hill
tBf Helen Taylor

Pinkneys Green
tBf Charles Hollingsworth
Lib Dem Simon Werner

tBf Claire Stretton
Green Craig McDermott
Labour David Knowles-Leak
tBf Mick Jarvis

St Mary’s
tBf Derek Philip-Xu
tBf Richard Wawman

Sunningdale & Cheapside
Labour Alison Carpenter
tBf Valerie Pike

Thank you


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