A new Independent dawn over Clewer & Dedworth

Last Thursday saw Windsor become dominated by Independent councillors and this was so nearly mirrored in Maidenhead. Currently there are 18 Independent or Lib Dem councillors and 23 Conservative councillors making up the 41 councillors in the Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead.

This means, for the first time in many years there are going to be many interesting debates… no longer can half a dozen people decide what is going to happen and whip the rest into shape. The rigid shape has gone and the fluidity of thoughtful, community focused people are now almost in control of the council.

May I introduce your new independent councillors for Clewer & Dedworth… pic left to right: Cllr Carole Da Costa, Cllr Wisdom Da Costa, Cllr Jon Davey, Cllr Helen Price

Three by-elections or moves across the floor and it could be an Independent run council in the Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead… so not long to wait the way the Conservatives do themselves in!

bins at sutherland grange

For my part I don’t want my legacy to be bulbs & bins as set by my predecessor! Don’t worry, we have had a word with the contractors and they are happy to pick up the slack and ensure that bins are emptied in a timely fashion.

I want to do much more in the way of community, helping young people get started in life, inspiring that spark that is just enough to get them asking questions and away they go…

It’s only by making mistakes can we work out who we are and what we are best at. In the USA they celebrate business people who have gone bust, perhaps a little too much in Trumps case but all the same, they forgive and encourage learning by mistakes. We need to borrow that leaf and inspire our young people to try their ideas, not sit on their laurels waiting for X Factor to call!

jon and wisdom building community

Our first task is to do what we can to save Wyevales Garden Centre and to that end I am planning on starting some surgeries from June. A couple of hours, once a week, I will be sitting in the café area and open to conversations with residents about whatever is on their mind.

Stuart, the manager, has also agreed for West Windsor Residents Association to put our post box by the checkouts and this will allow those who are not on t’internet or who prefer writing letters, to drop notes in the box for our attention.

You may not find me planting bulbs but you may find I organise for a gardening expert to give a talk to local people about what flowers may best grow in our gardens and open spaces… I do like to hear what experts have to say on topics and learn something new each day.

Talk soon…

jon davey wwra header

Please tell your friends to check out the ilovewindsor.co.uk website, follow and connect to me on Facebook, join the Love Windsor group on Facebook and come and visit me at Wyevales Garden Centre. Times will be published on the post box by the checkouts. Also visit our WWRA website and consider becoming a member.

If you want to email me regarding council business then please do so on my RBWM email address which can be found here, on my councillor profile.

Thank you.


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