Cllr Jon Davey Diary 22nd to 27th July

Another busy week with a variety of projects being followed up and instigated. I wrote a few posts during the week to make this blog update process a little smoother… let’s see if it helps…

Monday 22nd July

Interesting meeting at Wyevales with Dave Hill who runs a business all about Christmas! Working up a couple of ideas with him for Dedworth and the wider Windsor area, more as it begins to sparkle 😉

Bray Parish Council Meeting

Went along to the Bray Parish Council meeting in the early evening and learned about gravel and how they seem to have the same policy with quarrying as they do with house building… give them an inch and they take a mile!

Tuesday 23rd July

Claire Milne Windsor Neighbourhood Plan

The Guildhall was the place to get the latest update on the Windsor Neighbourhood Plan. Amazing the way the team have brought this together where the Borough Plan, organised by the Conservatives spending over half a million on consultants, is currently sitting in a holding pen!

Donna Stimson RBWM Council Meeting

Cllr Donna Stimson completely changed the mood of the full RBWM Council meeting, compared to last month, with her motion on Wild Flowers. Hopefully future meetings will be similarly engaging. Shame they didn’t think of full council meetings when designing the building… very tight seating arrangements!

Wednesday 24th July

rotary summer fayre food and bandstand

Carole and I had a meeting with a couple of local residents at Wyevale’s looking to put on a summer fair next year. Full of ideas, we need to help them understand the council requirements before they start inviting the world to join in. Looking to have a nature vibe, probably bio-diversity theme while raising money for the Marine’s Charity and mental health.

jafar hall youth speaks

Pinged a note to Windsor schools just before they break up to let them know the first round of Windsor & Eton Rotary Club’s Youth Speaks Competition will be at Jafar Hall, Eton College on 22nd October this year.

Thursday 25th July

innocent apple and mango with ice

It was hot, hot, hot this week, melting in my shed after walking the dogs, just couldn’t seem to cool down and then I found I could get full ice cubes in the neck of the innocent juice bottle 😉

pot holes

Had a meeting with local resident Barry Giggins who has a passion for tarmac. A retired highways engineer, he knows his highways from his byways and will be helping me keep on track with anything to do with tarmac moving forward. He’ll be leading our tarmac hub for those similarly interested in helping council officers do the best they can with such limited resources.

Friday 26th July

Another meeting at Wyevales, with an ex-marine looking at tendering for more corporate security contracts. I explained the process to help him with his thinking around this.

bruce walk off wolf lane

Worked through the issues at Bruce Walk. Council officers are looking at a range of solutions and it’s proving interesting how each department moves things forward. I’ll be able to liaise with the Bruce Walk Hub next week, share my findings with one person who can then relay that to the group. I do like being efficient while getting things done.

wolf lane pathway fix

Disappointing to see the quality of this “finished” work up Wolf Lane, even more disappointing the way I heard about it… local resident who had brought up the issue on one Facebook Group chose to share her views on another Facebook Group and then when I volunteered a solution I was promptly attacked by the ex-councillor and his trolls. I have been very patient with him, allowing him to grieve the loss of his role in society but there comes a point where it goes beyond reasonable behaviour and we appear to be getting to that point.

Saturday 27th July

Sutherland Grange overflowing 3

Followed up on my request for these unsightly bins to be removed. It feels like locals running businesses from home are now using this site to dump waste as soon as the bin men have done their job. It’s costing a fortune to maintain this unneccessary health hazard. I’ve got full support from all relevant parties, just need a couple of nods and this perfect excuse for fly tipping eyesore will be history.

social media week social media personality of the year 2012 award video

People are moving off Facebook in increasing numbers because of the levels of abuse dished out by those full of hate. We need to encourage more thoughtfulness on social media.

Well that took 1 hour to bring together, rather than 3… spreading the load by adding stories during the week does help… what do you think? Let me know…

Thank you.


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