Sutherland Grange – What is the CURRENT sentence for fly tipping?

Popped down for a dog walk today, little traffic, a few walkers and a big pile of fly tipping… including some paint pots that were not new, they looked to have been lying around somewhere for a year or two… I’d suggest, taken from someone’s garage after a spring clean… their first choice was to dump it down Sutherland Grange… who do they think they are? Dirty b’tards.

Now, under normal circumstances we have been wasting local taxpayer’s money on picking up the crap of others and taking it to the Stafferton Way… next month the plan was the bins will be removed and the fly tipping will stop… a year after it should have really happened but hey, patience is a virtue!

Anyway, I don’t know what the law is right now but I’m wondering if attempted murder isn’t on the cards for fly tippers… need to check details but it wouldn’t surprise me if that was the case?

fly tipping sutherland grange

You dispose of YOUR rubbish, which could be contaminated for up to 3 days from fly tipping… some sad bloke in a van pulls up and starts analysing the various samples, taking some away… should they then touch their mouth after playing with your waste samples and then die with covid-19… would you then be considered to have man-slaughtered them?

Since most of the half whits that leave stuff there tend to leave an address label or two, then perhaps we could get them banged up for the foreseeable.

The scumbags shouldn’t even be out right now so I just need to make a few enquiries about how criminal this is… leave it with me and I strongly suggest you leave your rubbish in your garage.

Thank you.


2 thoughts on “Sutherland Grange – What is the CURRENT sentence for fly tipping?

  1. I frequently have my daily exercise at Southerland Grange, and fairly often see dog poo not cleaned up by owners. I know most dog owners are responsible about cleaning up after their dogs, but the few who do not make it hazardous for those of us who just want to enjoy an afternoons walk.


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