Give us a smile… go on, you know you want to…

I didn’t do a report from Tesco last week as I had so much other stuff to sort out, domestic, Rotary and Council! This week I have a little more time on my hands, well got up at 5am 😉

I’ve blended a few topics here, enjoy…

Kicking off with the above pic of Dom and Charlie who look like a right couple of Charlies in their full on masks… Charlie on the right collects them, pre-Covid, so that makes it OK? He managed to bang his head on my till protection screen on his way past… some of this PPE gear needs road testing 😉

olive and popeye

Last week, heading for my break and bumped into Olive & Popeye, out shopping for spinach and hopefully washing powder… he had that badger t-shirt on the day before 😉 Reminded me of this video from the archives…

The mood is easing a bit but we can’t be complacent. One numpty stood at the side of my till the other day, I asked them to go to the end and he smirked, “It’s all over now isn’t it!” Idiot!

unifi burnham grammar school

My fear is the mental damage this is causing to people as they lock down and struggle to get back up again. With my Rotary hat on I have sponsored 100 copies of the UNIFI card game and RBWM Youth Services are trialing it’s effectiveness in bringing families / people closer. It helps people communicate with each other by asking questions that enable old and young to get to know each other better. Very simple in its approach, rule 1 is you decide how you want to play it 😉

victorian days

In many ways social distancing is a blessing. Taking us back to Victorian times when people were a little more discerning. No more kissy, kissy on the cheek, I’ve always disliked that invasion of privacy by strangers. My wife has never been a fan of shaking someone’s hand as you don’t know where they’ve been!

I always remember a chap at an expo streaming with cold, offering his hand and being offended when I didn’t choose to shake it… sod that!

foodshare #bemorelikeMEL

The south is becoming more northern as people do start to talk to each other more as the community comes together to help each other. I love it that I know one of the chaps collecting food for foodshare has done extremely well for himself in business and is just doing his bit to help those less fortunate at this time. Melanie bought a whole basket of food to put in the Foodshare box #BelikeMelSHARE.

jon davey tesco winner

My contract has been extended, I’m really enjoying it and the management like what I bring so I will be sticking around a while longer. Come and say hello…

Will be doing some videos with the team. It’s just finding the time… a bunch want to do it but you need that hour rest at lunch after chatting all morning… we’ll work it out.

Got my discount card… love watching the price drop down on the register 😉

I often get asked “When’s the best time to come?” … just after it’s been raining would seem like a good time … also Saturday’s, which used to be the busiest day, after say 11am it’s calm a while…

ben warden at sutherland grange

Ben Smith and the other Community Wardens have been doing some great work over the Covid period. Helping residents and taking care of things at the front line.

Ben decided to do some paper work in his car while challenging those looking to fly tip… Sutherland Grange is looking better every day 😉

One customer was getting their car showroom ready for action. Reminded me of Rotary’s Rolls Royce Rally a few year’s ago. Looks like car sales will be boosted by those who normally spend £10k+ on a summer holiday 😉

gazza money tree

Turns out, talking to a sports media chap on checkout, if the FA hadn’t continued with football matches then there would have been a bill of around £1,000,000,000 to sort out! This Gazza pic bought at a Reading FC dinner a few years back sitting above a money tree created by my grandfather a few decades before that 😉

watering flowers around RBWM

I met Daniel dog walking at Sutherland Grange. He was adding 50 ltrs to this tree… a little more than Sid can produce 😉

Say hello when you seen him out in his van watering all the new trees.


I’ve always connected well with children and seeing them come back round and their excited faces makes me smile and them giggle… love it… reminded me I had a pic of our youngest as a puppy in Devon where the perfect mix of sun and rain makes stuff grow like you would not believe 😉

plenty of stock tesco

With Tesco’s being one of the only places to hang out in Windsor, tensions can rise when idiots get in another person’s space. Give people their 2 metres and time to view what they want to buy… just wait your turn and be patient with your fellow man and woman as they may not be in a rush or they may not absorb information as fast as you’d like… they were there first so you’re obviously too slow 😉 deal with it and don’t upset others needlessly.

richard payne bluetones

Met Richard while walking Sid by the river. Turns out he was a famous musician for 15 minutes in the 90’s playing keyboard with the Bluetones 😉

He’d like to help a little more in the community… any ideas?

Alexandra Gardens on Sunday

Nice to just chill a while with the Mrs on Sunday in Alexandra Gardens and join other families with the same idea 😉

A few highlights from the last couple of weeks to get things up to date. Hope it brought a smile.

Thank you.


One thought on “Give us a smile… go on, you know you want to…

  1. Reference garden in bloom 2020 , I have worked hard over the years , being rewarded with rosettes going back 1998 , will there be only rosette for ward winner ,, and not the nearly ones , for hard work , tgankyou


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