RBWM Musical Chairs at Overview & Scrutiny

The constant changing of Chairs of the Overview & Scrutiny Panels at RBWM, especially Infrastructure on which panel I have been Vice Chair for the whole year, shows, to my mind, a complete disrespect for the role and ensures the effectiveness of Overview & Scrutiny is reduced to almost obsolescence!

Just read this vanilla, end of year report for Infrastructure Overview & Scrutiny and then watch the videos for all of the meetings… Does it reflect what has gone on? 

The Tories have been so used to having things their own way and simply pushing things through that fit with their agenda, no opposition in place to challenge their decision making.

Now there is, they really don’t like it, especially with all the meetings being published to Youtube for the world to see. This helps underline how lacking the Tory party is, how arrogant it has been, how things have to change…

Well done Windsor for voting in a very mixed bag of Councillors to represent the different characters we have in the town. If Maidenhead could try harder at the next election in 2023 then RBWM would be in a much better position to ensure the needs of all residents are met.

Reassuringly, we have a new Monitoring Officer and an MD that is keen to empower the RBWM Officers to be better equipped to fulfil their roles. Changes are being made to Overview & Scrutiny as you read this, again, in part, thanks to the pressure brought by a stronger opposition who have been flagging shortcomings and looking to support officers to come into the breaches and make the service better fit for purpose. 

I’m fully supportive of our Officers and look forward to them getting O&S back on track.

Thank you.

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