Flights Over Windsor May Soon Be Banned

Good evening, just got back from work and the following had landed in my email box. I had heard about the 1.5 mile restricted air space but not reflected on what that would mean properly until now. I’ll be penning an email in the morning 😉 will you?

Thames Valley & the Metropolitan Police are seeking consent to impose a Restricted Air Space Order around Windsor Castle.
The circular space would have a radius of 1.5 nautical miles.
Flights over Windsor would be banned.
TVP is seeking views on this proposal.
The attached email from TVP provides details and explains how you can respond.
Please forward this to others living in Windsor, so that they may make known their views.
Note the closing date of 30th April.
Resident, West Windsor

Please Tell Us Your Views on Restricted Airspace Order Application

Thames Valley Police is seeking your views ahead of a Restricted AirSpace Order application in Windsor.

We are working in partnership with the Metropolitan Police Service to apply to restrict use of the air space up to 2,500ft within a 1.5 nautical mile radius around Windsor Castle. The Civil Aviation Authority will then review this.

While there are already many security measures in place at this site, if the application is successful, it will result in restrictions for those using the air space in this area.

Unless someone has an exemption or prior permission, anyone who breaches the restrictions faces prosecution.

This is a further method to keep the community living near this iconic location safe.

Our officers also carry out regular patrols in the area and there are a range of visible security measures in place, along with those which are not visible, to ensure everyone remains safe.
This is an application for a permanent restricted air space order, which will be regularly reviewed.

To enable us to hear your views about the application, or if you have any questions, please email by 30 April.

Please see the attached map of the affected area.


Windsor resized.jpg – 647.6 KB

Message Sent By
Hannah Jones (Police, Communications Officer, Thames Valley)

3 thoughts on “Flights Over Windsor May Soon Be Banned

  1. As a resident family of Windsor we think it is a great idea to ban flights on top of the Castle, to keep it safe and for the enjoyments of the visitors too.


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