Love Windsor Community Newsletter Issue 1 August 2021

The last 18 months has been life changing for many residents and we felt we’d like to make a difference in some way by connecting the community. Helping our older residents… they have so missed hanging out with their friends at the many clubs that have been closed. Stories to inspire our young people to be brave, to not live in fear, and take active steps in a direction that suits them and generally bring positive energy and a lift for those that need it right now.

The newsletter, 4 pages of A4, will be unique in that 75% of the content will be community, inspirational or fun news with just 25% being revenue generating.

Love Windsor Community Newsletter Issue 1
Love Windsor Community Newsletter Issue 1

The first edition features a centre spread of this year’s “Garden in Bloom”, inviting residents to vote for the runner up in the local ward this year. 

Grab your copy from Tesco Dedworth where 3,000 copies are available for collection by residents from TODAY!


If you have any community or fun news you’d like to share then simply email with up to 100 words and a picture. We’ll edit the words to fit the available space and may add a few of our own 😉


If you are interested in taking an advert then contact us via email, the online form or call 07717 820823.  Logic says, generally speaking, the back page will be reserved for advertising.


The publication is 4 pages of A4 printed on FSC certified 170g recycled paper. The printer is ISO 14001 certified, their process is “carbon neutral”, working with ClimatePartner to ensure emissions are calculated accurately. 


I Love Windsor has been around since November 2009 and adding a paper version to a portfolio of social channels makes sense at this time.

  • In November 2009 the domain name was registered. 
  • It became a blog in 2012 and last year saw over 40,000 page views. 
  • In 2011 the WindsorDaily Youtube Channel was born, with over 64,000 views to date, the most popular “how to drive a mobility scooter”!
  • In May 2015 a Facebook Group was created and this has just shy of 2,000 members.

Enjoy our latest initiative.

Thank you.


One thought on “Love Windsor Community Newsletter Issue 1 August 2021

  1. Hi. Love the newsletter . Age 81+ live at sir Sydney Camm house albert street wish we had entered the garden in bloom .maybe a nice person would like to see what the residents here have done . flowers every where. I belong to loads if clubs have just decorated my bedroom hall and living room myself.
    I have 16 grandchildren and 23 great grand children most living in Wales. But a local family have ” adopted ” me. nice to feel wanted. Rosemarie.


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