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Historically has been a blog website sharing all sorts of stories since 2009.

In summer of 2021 we decided that with the world moving online, those that really don’t want to engage with the internet are being forgotten. Add to this all the stresses of the last couple of years and we decided to create a hard copy newsletter that’s main aim is to share news and information about what is happening in and for the Windsor community in order to lift the spirits of local people and inspiring them to do something positive.

Love Windsor Community Newsletter Issue 1 Aug 2021

Tesco Dedworth are happy for us to have copies for shoppers to pick up in store.

Love Windsor Community Newsletter Issue 1 Aug 2021

Our first issue, August 2021, featured the Garden in Bloom and encouraged voting for the Runner Up via email and on Facebook. Over 1,000 votes were cast for the 29 gardens featured.

Love Windsor Community Newsletter 3rd Edition

3rd Edition has just been published and is now available from Tesco Dedworth.

It’s format is A3 folded, making 4 pages of A4.

Three pages are for community news for which we make no charge.

The back page is for advertising.

Businesses listed will need to be in Windsor or the surrounding area and have a track record so that our readers can feel confident that anyone who is listed can be trusted to get the job done at a fair price.

You don’t need a Google, Check at Trade or Trust Pilot rating but they obviously reassure residents that your are what you say you are. Testimonials on your own website would suffice.

Obviously we choose the advertisers as much as they choose us. They need to be appropriate for the readers and those who may happen across a copy on a coffee table.

The cost of a listing is £25 a month.

We can offer more services should you need them?

  • If you’d like us to chase up customers to get Google, Check-a-Trade or Trust Pilot ratings then we can do that.
  • Do you need a simple website that has some basic info? We can do that…
  • Would you like us to write regular articles and share them with other media channels? We can do that.

Primary focus is on the newsletter but if you need more help, let’s talk about how we can help you attract more customers.

Thank you.


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