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Be who you want to be

Deputy Mayor Cllr Simon Bond and the Deputy Mayor's Consort, David Armitage, greeted by Mary and Tracey

RBWM’s Deputy Mayor Cllr Simon Bond and the Deputy Mayor’s Consort, David Armitage, popped into Tesco Dedworth on Wednesday evening to say why Pride Month is important to them. They were greeted by Mary & Tracey.

The Deputy Mayor said, 

“It’s a celebration of diverse & inclusive communities where everyone is respected for themselves and valued for what they can contribute

Also for some hard fought for freedoms and equalities over the years

Remembering there is still some discrimination in the world

Particularly in countries were basic freedoms and equalities simply don’t exist 

It’s really nice to be invited to support your event “

Deputy Mayor’s Consort amused all present with

“It’s the first time RBWM has had a same sex Deputy Mayor and Consort… 

It may not be a huge leap for mankind but to coin a phrase “every little helps” 😉 ”

As a store we felt it important to recognise Pride Month and demonstrate to our customers that everyone is welcome. Inviting our new Deputy Mayor and his Consort to say a few words will hopefully help those in the community who currently struggle to be themselves.

Thank you.

Jon Davey

Tesco Dedworth Community Champion