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Blokes Losing Timber

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Blokes Losing Timber is a new initiative to help men looking to lose weight by providing a support network made up of other blokes who want to lose timber.

I lost a great deal of weight by attending regular meetings of a famous group but after putting the weight back on over the last 6 years, I’d like to do it again but this time in a support group made up of blokes.

Boosted into action, at the end of April 2022, by a request from my father, who lost 72 lbs in his 72nd year, to lose a few stone, I have lost 13lbs in the first month of my DIY programme. 

I know I will benefit from and sustain my own motivation better by having the support of and being accountable to a team of other blokes who would also like to lose their timber.

I promoted 3 events at times to fit all lifestyles, there were lots of web click-throughs but no-one turned up… so this needs more thought as to how best engage and I’ll be doing some research over the coming weeks and will post the latest news here.

If you’d like to discuss please complete the form below.

Thank you.


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