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I Love Windsor Community News – BIG THANK YOU to our Sponsors

i love windsor BIG THANK YOU

The generosity of our sponsors enables our aggregation and promotion of Windsor’s community news & events.

I Love Windsor Community News is very much a community asset for Windsor. Sharing community group news & events with those who’d like to hear since 2009.

There are so many good people doing great things in and around Windsor but all too often we hear on social media, “I wish I’d known about that event!”

Community groups are good at sharing information with their immediate circle but seem to struggle to get news & events out further to the wider community. They don’t have the skills within their group or the budget to pay others to do it for them.

I Love Windsor is ready, willing and able to be this conduit for news and events. Please tell the local community groups you know who are struggling to get the word out about us.

I Love Windsor has been a blog in some shape or form since 2009. In those early days it was very much the younger brother to our Business in Berkshire website which had over 5,000,000 visits in 2008. Google had us flying high but the tech got old.

Today we use WordPress to host the site as it is reliable and enables us to focus on content rather than tech. Currently achieving over 5,000 page views a month on our blog and 50,000+ on our Facebook page.

We have also produced A4 x 4 paper newsletters and through local companies willing to sponsor our services, we are able to share community news & events.


We are happy to offer local community groups:

Thank you for taking the time to read about our services and if you are part of an organisation that you think would like to help fund our work, please join dots.

Thank you.

Jon Davey

Community Champion

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