Small Plots of land around RBWM selling at Auction

There is increasing concern from residents around the small plots of land around RBWM coming up for auction and being bought by those naive enough to believe they are getting a bargain!

There are a number coming up in Dedworth which has driven me to set up this page to offer the best guidance possible to both those thinking of buying the plots (DON’T) and alleviate residents concerns.

Building land is worth £2,000,000 and acre in RBWM so thinking you are going to be able to build on a plot you buy for less than that is unlikely to reap dividends and you are best keeping your money in your pocket.

I would strongly suggest that you don’t waste your money on these plots of land unless you wish to buy yourself the ability to do absolutely nothing with it but, I believe, become responsible for the trees and any damage they my cause. If you buy the land then you’d best ensure you have the relevant liability insurance in place.

I put this post together when residents were concerned at Hemwood Dell >>>

Different plots will be covered by various protections and you need to understand which ones are relevant to the plot that has taken your eye.

The best source of advice can be found here >>>

And before you make your bid at auction please, please, please take advice from a professional solicitor and be prepared to spend a few hundred pounds on that advice.

If an owner of a plot of land has put in for planning permission and you are neighbouring the land then you will get notification from RBWM Council.

If you want to comment formally on a planning application then you need to do it via the RBWM website and here are the instructions >>>

Here is the advice I shared regarding making sure residents submit their comments on any planning application >>>.

I will update this page as I become aware of useful information.

Thank you.

Cllr Jon Davey
Clewer & Dedworth West
Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead