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Windsor’s Community Fridge User Survey

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Windsor’s Community Fridge User Survey

Windsor’s Community Fridge (fridge) receives donations from many sources and we continue to apply for grants and funding to keep the fridge going. To help us ensure that the community needs are understood and funding is aligned to local needs, we want to be able to provide supporting evidence in our applications as to the impact of the fridge within the community.

For each element of services we provide we want to understand how important it is to you, especially how it benefits you. By helping us gather this information you are helping support future funding.

You don’t have to provide personal information unless you choose to do so.

Abri are keen to support their tenants through the fridge. Are you one of their residents?
Your age:
Do you feel there is a stigma to attending the fridge?
Which foods do you rescue from the fridge?
Are you / your family eating healthier as a result of support from the fridge?
Have you tried any new foods as a result of visiting the fridge?
We are due to open a Community Wellbeing Hub, for the whole community, in Alexandra Gardens car park. Which of these would be of interest to you?

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