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Windsor Candidates for the Parliamentary Election 2015


In alphabetical order by party name on ballot paper:

Green Party – Derek Norman WALL
Independent – Wisdom Methodious DA COSTA
Labour Party – Fiona Robertson DENT
Liberal Democrats – George Davison FUSSEY
The Conservative Party Candidate – Adam AFRIYIE
UK Independence Party (UKIP) – MALIK Tariq

The above list represents all the candidates standing for Parliament in Windsor announced this morning.

I went to find their websites, social profiles, etc but wondered which is the best representation for them… I guess it’s only fair to let them decide and so I offer them the opportunity for the above to carry a link from their name so people can click and find out more…

Where would you like that link to go candidates? Please add a comment below and this can carry one or all your social media profile links so the population can find out more about you. The first link you give I will add to your name above. You all have been given the same opportunity to shine, over to you whether you use it or not.

Thank you.


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