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Do you know Windsor’s most popular retailer EVER?

jon davey and daljit toor

Daljit Toor is Windsor’s most popular retailer EVER, well he does have at least 1000 litres of alcohol at his disposal 😉

So popular that if he ever stood for local election he’d win hands down… so popular that after he won the Good Local Business Neighbour Award 2015, 2016 and 2017 the council figured he didn’t need anymore awards for his mantel piece and have forgotten to run the awards since!

When I told him I was standing for election as a West Windsor Residents Association candidate, he said, “Come here, let’s have a photo and show the world your wrinkles” … well, that’s what I heard 😉

I’ve known Jon for 10 years or more. Pops in and buys a bottle of red to go with his Chinese most Friday nights. Love his passion for local issues and especially Youth Speaks, a project run within the schools by Rotary to encourage young people to give presentations… local winners could end up in a national final! We always have good banter. He gets one of my votes 😉
Daljit Toor
Dedworth Convenience Store
Windsor’s most popular retailer EVER

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