International Birthday Bash with a Brexit Chaser ;)

I celebrated my birthday this year by taking my family for dinner with 50 fellow Rotarians from Windsor & Eton and our sister club in Celle, Germany and popping over to Windsor Castle for the final of Windsor Festival’s International String Competition.

rotary club of celle

Talking Brexit with our German cousins, the chap I was talking to was all in favour, totally understands why the English would want to go their separate ways…

windsor festival international string competition

Every 10 years or so I feel the need for culture and this opportunity, with champagne networking with the great, the good and the very, very naughty seemed like a wonderful birthday option… thing is, while I appreciate the passion folk have for the arts, I don’t necessarily truly get it… now Elvis plays the round tower, that would rock my world 😉

elvis international

We did get a great family photo… not had one of those for a few years but now the kids are young adults, they can tolerated cameras and the aged in the same space xx

davey family pic

Thank you one and all…


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