Cllr Jon Davey Diary 8th to 13th July

Monday 8th July

New Rotary year start’s 1st July and I’m chair of the Club Services & Youth Services committees, so I organised a meeting before lunch for Club Services and after lunch for Youth Services.

windsor and eton rotary club handover 2019

Club Services are going to encourage club chairs to report more frequently and I have a new recruitment idea which I am implementing already, pro-actively each day along with my day job… let’s see what impact that can have.

Youth Services, I have a programme aimed at helping young people understand “social value” from an early age. Need buy in from club council on Monday and then away we go…

Tuesday 9th July

Meeting of West Windsor ward councillors to discuss plans for Open Spaces. Agreed that the Windsor Neighbourhood Plan addressed this really well and so we’ll take their lead on this.

wwra meeting go-gos 9th july 2019

In the evening WWRA had organised a meeting to discuss local issues with local residents down at Go-Go’s. There was great concern from residents along Maidenhead Road that race goers, along those working at Centrica, can far too easily park in bays outside their homes. Cllr Carole Da Costa is leading the way on this and has created a hub to manage the information flow to and from residents. WWRA will get this sorted…

Wednesday 10th July

Couple of weeks since the Windsor Town Council bid was launched, I took a paper petition up to Hemwood Road which enabled me to also so hello to residents, 2 months into the new council term.

windsor town petition newspaper

After securing officers support for Hemwood Dell and the continuing auctions of land, residents need to know RBWM have it all under control. Some of the auction lots are coming back for a 2nd time because buyers, I suspect, once they start looking into the reality of their purchase, realise that there are so many protection orders that they will never build their dream home on The Dell.

hemwood dell michelle and jason

And not just protection orders, the geography of the area challenges any architect, “Come on then, show me how you are going to build on me!” Its not going to happen and those spreading fear should stand down.

Thursday 11th July

windsor town petition daljit

Popped into town to get a couple of clip boards so we can gather even more signatures for a Windsor Town Council via local retailers… Daljit, winner of Windsor’s “Good Local Business Neighbour Award” 3 years on the trot… so popular they canned the competition!! He will gather more signatures than anyone else and so I gave him a delux clipboard with form storage space… he’ll have it filled by next week 😉

windsor town petition blossoms

Blossom’s have the form but they will not be as proactive, different people but they are trying to help which is more important… and hey, they cook the finest Chinese in all of Windsor… you can’t be good at everything!

Friday 12th July

Visited Thames Hospice and discussed the upcoming move to Maidenhead and how we might help them with the process. One task, call out to those willing to give up an hour or two to help them polish up the warehouse for handing back to the new owners. A list of tasks that would cost them over £100,000 to get done… let’s see what we can do to help find practical help.

bruce walk off wolf lane

Had a meet up with Anthony Hurst, Parks and Countryside Team Leader, to discuss Bruce Walk and surrounding area. After meeting with local residents last week I had drawn up a list of problems and needed to understand where to turn for solutions.

So now I have 7 people to address the list to… I’ve created a map and will send it through for stage 2.

Saturday 13th July

Fi.Fest asked local Independent Councillors to support their event and Cllr Helen Taylor and myself were only too happy to get involved. Building communities is what we are all about and so “opening” a local family festival ticked all the boxes.

fifest abbsolutely abba

Officers told me that the organisers had paid great attention to detail on the Health & Safety and other relevant documents they needed to complete for the event to take place and so I was happy to support it. Made for a nice day out, we didn’t stay into the evening, needed to get back for family…

sid and max

Thank you.


Opening Meetings this week – please come along

Thursday, 6:30pm 18th July Windsor Town Forum at York House, Windsor

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