What’s the REALITY of having the lowest Council Tax Band D outside London?

The Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead are furthest left in the graphic. “The lowest council tax outside London” a manifesto commitment proudly made for years and years by the Conservative Party locally.

You know what they say, “Pride comes before a fall!”

If RBWM don’t generate enough income what happens?

  • RBWM end up not having enough money to pay the bills
  • RBWM eat into their reserves (savings)

The Conservative Administration have already used most all the reserves?

A Council cannot declare bankruptcy it just has to cancel services that people need because there isn’t enough money to pay for them.

As I have mentioned before, to get to a comfortable place we’d need a 20% increase in Council tax. Currently council tax generates around £85m. If that was £100m it would be great… allow us to save circa £10m into reserves each year and create a cushion.

RBWM can’t do that without a referendum. People, at this time would not vote in favour. They may in the future when the services pulled impact them directly.

RBWM need an extra £5m each year to just pay our bills.

The income from proposed property developments in Maidenhead could fix that in 10 years time but we need a solution TODAY not tomorrow.

What ideas have you seen other Councils enact to generate income? Please point me in their direction to explore… these need to be significant income generators, cake sales will not do it!

Thank you.


3 thoughts on “What’s the REALITY of having the lowest Council Tax Band D outside London?

  1. Borrow at 2% invest in property that yields 8% use 6% to deliver services. Come on wheres the capitalist thinking gone. Slough own a cinema in Basingstoke Spelthorne Council own an office block in Slough. Get creating.


  2. John
    What’s the number once you have accounted for the things RBWM is legally obliged to pay regardless?
    Also, which service are vulnerable?
    Finally is any action being taken against those who did this?


    1. I reported on the savings report out there Mark in my previous blog, you can download the PDF… happy to get someone to talk you through how it directly impacts you.

      The rules basically say once a Councillor is gone, that’s it… it’s not right but would have to changed on a national level.


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