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Save Yourself Money – Use Your Food Waste Bin

food waste bin

“How can YOU save money by using the RBWM food waste bin? What you on about Jon?”

Thank you for asking 😉

Currently RBWM pay for a fixed amount of food waste by the ton… so currently we pay the minimum contract fee and there are many tons of food waste not going down the food waste channel… there is spare capacity which is costing us money every month.

The food waste is still going in the bin… it’s going in the big black bin and so is costing us money every month as hundreds of tons of food is simply thrown in the black bin and picked up by SERCO who charge us for each ton of black bin waste.

So if you used your food bin the food waste would go to the right contractor who we are already paying a monthly fee! Silly not to do that right?

You would then cost the RBWM less each month in needless over payments for black bin waste. That’s money that comes out of the council tax YOU pay.

This would save around £300,000 a year and that money could be spent on other resident needs or saved for a rainy day.

kitchen food waste

Give it a ponder and get yourself a kitchen waste food bin… far easier than trying to feed the little black food bin each day!

I’m glad we had this little chat, are you?

Can you help spread the word? Mention it to your neighbour, they may not do web stuff.

Thank you.


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