Maximize Your Carbon Footprint and Food Nutrition with Farm Shop Meat & Veg

RBWM have made a commitment to be carbon neutral by 2050 and I’d suggest shopping at the Farm Shop in Old Windsor is a great way to help maximize your own carbon footprint and try and ensure you get the best nutrition for what seems, to me, to be a very fair price, definitely on meat.

farm shop meat and veg

farm shop billI’m going to email the Farm Shop this week and ask them about the added nutrition in their broccoli against the 50p Tesco version which has a hole in the base. I assume the Tesco one just gets water in a factory growing environment where the Farm Shop version is allowed a more natural growth with more nutrients entering from the soil. It certainly tastes nice and was very filling.

As for the meat… the chicken breasts & legs and sausages tasted just great as well this evening 😉

If the meat has very few carbon miles in it and has been fed well by Her Majesty then it will be happier and therefore offer more nourishment for those that enjoy the chicken on their plate.

I need to get my head round it, know how the numbers and health factors come together for a healthier Windsor resident.

I will post any useful information below as I find out more… pop back soon for more…

Thank you.


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