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Avoid Coronavirus – Go for a Walk in the Countryside

dad and sid

If I see another photo of no toilet rolls on a shelf or idiots fighting over a bottle of hand sanitizer, I may just have to self isolate from social media for a few weeks!

Yorkshire stone wall Lindley Wood reservoir

The worst thing you can do, unless you want to catch it or any other virus is go hang out in a supermarket, surrounded by hundreds of strangers.

Yorkshire stone wall Lindley Wood reservoir

The best thing you can do is get out for a walk in the fresh air…

Yorkshire stone wall Lindley Wood reservoir

I read a post yesterday about the Influenza Pandemic 100 years ago… best cure, fresh air and sunshine… my guess is that hasn’t changed.

waterfall Lindley Wood reservoir

Just been out with my dad this morning by Lindley Wood reservoir, up on the Yorkshire Moors…

Yorkshire stone bridge

Hope you enjoyed the pics… now get outside and take some of your own!

tree with moss

Thank you.


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