loads of beer no larger

Tesco has plenty of beer, but no girly larger…

On my shift at Tesco’s today one chap said there was no beer… as the picture shows there’s loads of beer, just no larger 😉 No stress, those shelves will be filled again tomorrow by Tesco Dedworth’s night crew…

This week I had a meeting with Tesco’s to talk about how we can support the public at this time of need… more on that coming soon… and I ended up walking out with a job!

jon tesco

My normal space is Sales & Marketing Director for SMEs looking to grow and find buyers. My most recent contract technically ended at the end of March but as I’m looking for work logic kicked in, the world is changing, they ain’t closing food retail, I don’t need £60k a year…

I had my induction Wednesday evening, started Thursday and they asked me to do ovies tomorrow morning… that Safeway training back in the 80’s has kicked in 😉

Loving it, chatting to folk, made for that me… Friday, Wisdom joined the crew…

wisdom tesco

Great day today, 2nd full day… had to pull the red line call! We have a 2m red line that folk should stand behind and most of the time you let it go but sometimes you just have to call it in… might have to start a diary so I can write about it after! Serious times…

Adam Afriyie also pop by to say hi… bumped into a bunch of other folk I know, loving it…

Going in for a bonus 4 hours tomorrow and then have a meeting to pull together the West Windsor Hub which is a support network for those looking to help local residents at this time. It has RBWM recognition and so those who want to volunteer but also have a need for formal support then they should join our West Windsor Hub…

Those happy to just crack on then there is activity over at Windsor (U.K.) Community Emergency Plan Volunteers.

Loving this from Nigel at All Saints Church … tune in tomorrow if you just love his energy 😉

10am Sunday morning you need to tune in… will be most inspirational for those needing a lift…

All Saints Church Dedworth Live Stream

Key thing at this time is to say hello to your neighbours and make sure those who need a little extra help know you are happy to do so IF THEY WANT IT …

Thank you.


P.S. Folk are not ripping the shelves apart, that’s media bs

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