Green Bin Collections back on from tomorrow and EcoWAM games for the kids…

Cllr Donna Stimson has been working on a new community initiative “EcoWAM” and getting the Green Bins back up and collecting from tomorrow 6th April while battling Covid-19! Impressive stuff…

She asked folk to share far and wide…

Tell granddad his bi-weekly green bin collection is back on, so get his bin out this week and he’ll know if it’s meant to be this or next week if they collect or not 😉

And get the kids tuning into the EcoWAM social channels so they can join in the fun & games Sophie has in store…

eowam bins

A community space online 🌿 Sharing activities, stories and people leading the way towards an eco-friendly future 🌻

Each weekday Sophie will be putting out an activity on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for kids to do on their daily walk, or at home, to keep them happy and their parent’s sane!

Fun for all the family… go follow the channels and join in…

Instagram >>>

Twitter >>>

Facebook >>>

Thank you.


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