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Can you buy into the RBWM Transformation Strategy 2020-25?


This paper is very likely to get approval this evening which will give, in my opinion, too much power over to a few as they look to create a digital Utopian future…

Please tune in tonight and watch the discussion if it’s broadcast?

I’ve cherry picked a few lines from the 19 page document… if you have any questions please address them to your local Councillor.

Please read the whole RBWM Transformation Strategy 2020-25 for yourself.

View the full agenda for tonight.

RBWM Transformation Strategy 2020-25

As a council, we know that we cannot continue to fund and deliver services in the way that we do now. We need to do things differently, whilst maintaining our focus on achieving the best outcomes for the authority and protecting our most vulnerable residents and key services.

  • maximising value for money and innovation from contractual relationships.
  • considering new and innovative ways of generating income.

Ongoing commitment to our key strategic partners will allow us all to engage and work with community groups throughout the borough.

With this strong base of excellent performance, the council is in a good position to make a step change, delivering a radical programme of transformation based on technological innovation and a data driven approach.

True transformation is more likely to result in the financial sustainability of our local authority. As part of our transformation considerations, we also need to explore options around different ways to generate funding, including supporting our community to identify ways to generate additional external funding.

Sustainable travel will be more accessible through the provision of infrastructure within the borough such as cycle routes and electric vehicle charging points which will, in turn, minimise the impacts of road traffic by encouraging cleaner vehicles.

Maximising the use of digital technologies and information will be central to successfully delivering the transformation programme and securing the future success of the Royal Borough.

With the increase in the use of The Internet of Things (IoT) in everyday life for both the consumer market and business, the use of big data analytics will give us a fundamental change to the way we support and work with our communities.

Using data securely and ethically will be key to these developments but innovation and efficiency in the use of new data insights and digital technologies will drive the council forward.

Data underpins all of the council’s transactions. We will encourage data sharing between our partners to help us to understand, predict and prevent problems from occurring, make better decisions and use resources more intelligently to improve outcomes for residents.

Key to this work will be enabling an ethical approach to artificial intelligence and machine learning, making use of technologies such as robotic process automation (RPA) and embedding this into process redesign.

Heads of Service will drive the change rather than having redesign done to them.

Three different approaches towards the use of technologies have been made clear: buy, use or build it? We build digital platforms such as local apps and databases for communities to own and use and then create sales opportunities to other local authorities.

Decisions will be made in line with delegations within the Constitution, but most decisions should be made at team level or as close to the team as possible.

Transformation Sub-Committee
The transformation strategy and accompanying action plan will be overseen by the Transformation Sub-Committee of Cabinet, working with the Directors Forum. Meeting quarterly, the Sub-Committee will be chaired by the Lead Member for Adult Social Care, Children’s Services, Health and Mental Health and has delegated authority from Cabinet to:

  • Approve the transformation plan and any subsequent amendments.
  • Approve any projects within the plan that would require Cabinet approval.
  • Monitor progress on the delivery of the plan.
  • Report progress to Cabinet from time to time.

In support of this programme of work, a review of existing procurement strategies and the most suitable routes for procurement will be undertaken. Wherever possible, the Royal Borough will use existing government frameworks to expedite the procurement process.

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