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Low Traffic Neighbourhoods explained on RBWM Youtube Channel Tuesday 19th Jan 6:15PM

dedworth clewer low traffic routes option 2

Hear more about Low Traffic Neighbourhoods, School Streets and Bus Gates which form part of the Governments Active Travel Measures tomorrow evening from 6:15PM on the RBWM Youtube Channel.

As Vice Chair of Infrastructure Overview & Scrutiny Panel, with no current Chair, I emailed the panel on Sunday evening proposing we add the above to Tuesday’s agenda.

Infrastructure Overview & Scrutiny Panel Agenda – Tuesday, 19th January, 2021 6.15 pm

This topic is too important for it not to be discussed in public so please, please, please share this link so that as many residents of RBWM as possible tune in.

As ward Councillor for Clewer & Dedworth West which will see the most radical changes to residents lifestyles if this proposal is allowed to go through, I thought it vitally important that residents could hear from the officers, how and why they have come up with this plan.

Review the plan below and make sure you complete the survey by the 9th February.

Thank you.


One response to “Low Traffic Neighbourhoods explained on RBWM Youtube Channel Tuesday 19th Jan 6:15PM”

  1. In theory this is a sound proposal. There are far too many cars using our suburban streets both as ‘rat runs’ and for on street parking. However, it seems unlikely that car ownership and usage is likely to decline any time soon so by closing off local roads, more traffic will be forced onto existing main routes, i.e. Dedworth Road and Maidenhead Road which are already heavily used at peak times. If the proposed housing development goes ahead at Oakley Green this will exacerbate the situation.

    There is also the problem of access. What do residents of Smiths Lane, Galleys Road, St Andrews Crescent etc do to access their property? It will mean longer journeys down the already congested main roads. And what about delivery vans. Covid has seen a huge increase in on-line shopping and the consequent need for vans of all shapes and sizes involved in home deliveries . Will they have access, or will a delivery at one end of, say Galleys Road, require a trip down Dedworth and back up Maidenhead Roads to reach another drop at the other end?
    I note that Ruddlesway is not included in the proposals, yet this is a major link between the two arteries. It is already heavily congested with parked cars and is likely to become much busier.

    Talking of parked cars, those on the pavements do much to restrict walkers, mobility scooters and prams. If we are keen to encourage walking , then footways should remain unencumbered by vehicles, especially those taking up the entire path..

    We have enjoyed a tolerably good bus service out here in Dedworth but looking at the fall off in usage during the pandemic, will this be sustainable? To reach Windsor town centre for many residents of West Windsor, walking is not really an option, so car or bus is essential. Car park charges have already put many off driving in – it is cheaper to visit Waitrose in Maidenhead and park free that go into Windsor, so there is a knock on effect on shops and businesses here.

    It is obvious that the growth of road traffic can not continue indefinitely and these plans offer some respite – and would indeed improve the quality of life in the roads selected – but will it really be practicable and achieve its aim?

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