Put Domestic Cardboard Neatly Next to Bins

Recently I had heard two stories of residents being fined by the District Environmental Crime Officers for leaving their waste card board from TV boxes on the floor at Windsor Leisure Centre’s recycling area!

Residents, with positive intent, not wanting to leave it on the roadside, took their boxes to the recycling area but there was no room in the actual bin. They believed, which is logical, that it is better to leave it next to the bin at the recycling plant rather than on the roadside.

It might sound a little crazy but the opposite is true! 

You need to ensure any waste goes in the bin at the recycling area and not around it or we end up with the scenes we had at Sutherland Grange back in the spring of 2020 where one person drops something on the floor, another copies and before we know it the place is an absolute bomb site.

fly tipping sutherland grange

There were some members of our community who thought this expanse of waste was just fine! Anyway it was finally sorted at the cost of thousands of pounds of your money.

I asked officers to clarify the situation for everyone and I have been advised that residents should, if their recycling bin is full, leave any domestic boxes neatly folded next to their recycling bins outside their property, on bin collection day, and the boxes will be taken away.

If there are problems then let me know. Please take a picture of your neatly folded boxes just in case some overzealous DECO hasn’t had the memo.

Thank you.

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