Good Cop – Windsor & Eton Brewery

Check out our Companion Series! We’ve created 26 collaboration beers with breweries in the UK & Ireland, all brewed with surplus bread, to raise funds to protect and regenerate the natural world. Now we’re calling on leaders at COP26 to co-operate to protect people and nature from the impacts of the climate crisis.

Good Cop is a Hop Leaf Copper Ale coming in at 5%. Brewed with bread and fresh hop leafs, which are usually discarded from a hop harvest. The beer will be hitting our taproom and shop from November 1st to coincide with the Cop26 summit.

Led by Toast Ale, we’ve created the Companion Series. This limited-edition collection of beers uses surplus bread to prevent food waste and reduce demand for natural resources. It will raise £65,000 for conservation and regenerative agriculture organisations so we can protect 3.25 million trees in threatened tropical rainforests, and sequester 360 tCO2 in agricultural soils (which also store more water and support biodiversity).

We’re competing businesses but we are uniting because the climate and nature crisis is bigger than us all. The word ‘companion’, from the Latin ‘com’ (together with) and ‘panis’ (bread), represents the need for collaboration. To solve this systemic problem, we need systemic change, and that needs everyone who can to co-operate and work together.


As you meet in Glasgow for the COP26 climate talks, you have a once in a lifetime opportunity to protect people and nature from the effects of the global climate crisis. We need you to agree and commit to robust and wide-ranging targets to halt further warming – and to co-operate in taking action to meet them.


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As mentioned you can get your hands on Good Cop directly from us, however, if you wanted to try the whole Companion series then you can order a pack from here.

whole Companion series

With every case purchased, we donate £26 to conserving and restoring nature: £13 will protect 1,300 trees in threatened tropical rainforests with Rainforest Trust UK, and £13 will capture 144kg CO2 by improving the health of soils on UK farms (which then hold more water, improve biodiversity and produce more nutritious food) with Soil Heroes.

The box also includes a limited-edition pint glass and treats from Cheeky Panda, Divine Chocolate, Emily Snacks, Liberation Nuts, Teapigs and Traidcraft.

  • Bread not included

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