AL21 Borough Local Plan Site Specific Requirements

I would request that all local residents take a look at the Planning Application 22/00934 for AL21 which will be coming to the planning panel in the near future and reflect on how it is adding value to the local area.

It was interesting to see letters from Barry Giggins and Cllr Wisdom Da Costa in this week’s Express newspaper. Barry is a retired senior Highways officer who regularly offers insight to the local area which is very useful to Ward Councillors.

Wisdom was talking about his disappointment that the BLP appears to be ignored, with poultry cash payments for non delivery of “Site Specific Requirements”. I’m with him, if it says it’s a requirement then how can it simply be paid down? 

Barry’s focus was on the poor bus service and this leads into what I am going to focus on regarding AL21. The area around the old Wyevale garden centre is large build, ultimately 450 homes and there are many aspects to consider but I feel the transport infrastructure enshrines where we are and how we move forward for the common good of residents.

You can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs! There needs to be a popular public transport option on the table as part of this application. We can’t allow it to just be paid down, we need innovative solutions.

This week I have asked the developer and officers how we are going to deliver on the following transport infrastructure BLP Site Specific Requirements of the application.

AL21 BLP Site Specific Requirements relating to transport infrastructure

● Enhance existing pedestrian and cycle links towards Maidenhead and Windsor.

● Ensure that the development is well served by public bus routes/demand responsive transport/other innovative public transport solutions, with appropriate provision for new bus stop infrastructure, such that the bus is an attractive alternative to the private car for local journeys, including to local railway stations.

● Develop and implement a robust residential travel plan to manage travel to and from the site and reduce instances of single-occupancy car trips, including a car club for residents.

A number of local residents have raised the substandard nature of the cycle path between Windsor & Maidenhead with me. They mention the quality of the pavement, left for years untendered and unloved but also the dangerous nature of the A308 around Bray Studios, where the traffic moves quickly and the space for cycling and walking is very limited. There are no easy solutions as where would any improvements be made? A flyover, removing traffic might be a dream option but where would the money come from?

For the second site specific requirement I’d like to see a very regular bus service, every 15 mins, between Windsor & Maidenhead, making very few stops to ensure it speeds on its way. Tweaks to the area around AL22 Squires Roundabout could possibly facilitate a main bus stop and using a small bus initially, even a minibus, maybe two, there surely could be a bus every 15 minutes going to and from Windsor & Maidenhead as directly as possible. A subsidised, ideally FREE service would surely prove popular and get residents out of their cars and on the bus.

Regarding point 3, there are plans to employ a Travel Plan Co-ordinator (TPC) to help residents with travel plans and for 3 vehicles for the car club. I’d like to know how the car club in Maidenhead is fairing.

How does that sound to you? Would you use the bus if it came more regularly and took less time to reach your destination?

Thank you.

One thought on “AL21 Borough Local Plan Site Specific Requirements

  1. Hi,

    I might be wrong, but having studied the application it looks to me that of all the existing trees on the site only 10 are to be retained.

    The transport plans, while admirable in theory, will just not work in practice. People need to get to work on time, have babies and children to transport or are too elderly to rely on walking, cycling, etc., and the public transport ideas, while laudable, will never realistically amount to anything more than “pie in the sky”. The lack of parking on the site will simply lead to neighbourhood arguments as in the case near Bristol where festering grievances lead to murder.

    I am not saying that the site should not be used for housing, but the least the Council could do is get it right for the people who will be living there, instead of trying to be “woke” for the existing residents surrounding it who are worried about traffic.

    Kind regards, Sue Milne

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