Windsor’s 2nd Class Citizens – The British Army Families

Last year I chased and chased for work to be done at Victoria Park and it required me to state the fact that we expected British soldiers to go off to far off lands and defend the country, only for their families to be treated with disrespect, for any action to be taken.

I asked at the start of April when we should expect to see Victoria Park cut nicely for the Platinum Jubilee. Last week I praised those involved for the great work they have done at Sutherland Grange but find that with a week to go to the Jubilee Celebrations, Victoria Park is looking almost like a hay field!

platinum jubilee celebrations 2

This is not good enough. Soldiers are expected to do the hard yards to protect UK citizens one week and to be displaying their skills at a pageant the next. We should be looking at ways of minimising the stress on their families, not adding to it.

I could have tried quietly to get something done but then I’d have to repeat the process in a few months and I should not have to. We should not be treating our British Army families with such disrespect and I would like to see those responsible, work a little harder to ensure due regard is given.

It should not require a foster mum, army wife to have to keep nudging me to get things done.

If you agree with me then please email your comments to Cabinet Member for Environmental Services, Parks & Countryside & Maidenhead, Deputy Leader of the Council & Cabinet Member for Business, Corporate & Residents Services, Culture & Heritage, & Windsor; Armed Forces Champion and cc me in 

Thank you

One thought on “Windsor’s 2nd Class Citizens – The British Army Families

  1. I was going to report this but haven’t got round to doing so yet, but it is becoming very difficult to push a pram and lead two dogs when we can barely fit on the path, so thank you very much for raising this!


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