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Full Council this evening 7PM

no black bin bags in recycling please

I was going to use Full Council tonight to put out a public service announcement off the back of Cllr Coppinger’s Motion but he has pulled it for some reason.

All the same I’d like residents to note that speaking to our waste handlers, one of the main problems is residents putting black bins in the blue bins… it creates confusion and delays while the guys work out is it recycling or general waste and can result in bins being left unemptied.

So if you know you do this then please, just pour the recycling from your bin liner into the blue bin and potentially use the black bin bag again.

Much of what is going to be discussed tonight is from July’s meeting which got cancelled due to excessive heat we were having / enjoying. Tad cooler this evening…

Do join us if they have the time at Maidenhead Town Hall or online via video streaming if you want to get an insight into how the council works.

Thank you.


Cancelled Motion

Motion e) By Councillor Coppinger

This Council:

i) Thanks every one of our residents for the positive way in which they have approached the changes we made to the collection of waste last year. 

ii) Notes that change is never easy but as a result waste reduced by 18%; recycling increased from 51% to 55.7% of the total and most importantly food waste recycling increased from 2500 tonnes to 4600 tonnes.

My reply was going to be…

Stats are great but with so many Cllrs organising so many litter picks, are we sure we are not missing some numbers somewhere?

Cllr Baldwin has a method of measuring his contribution… ask him how.

Thank you to all our waste handlers. Talking to the guys that do the hard yards I’m told that some residents are putting their recycling in black bin liners and putting them in the recycling bins… if they could refrain from doing that, and simply pour the contents out of the black bags into the blue bins… it would avoid confusion and delays with processing. 

3 responses to “Full Council this evening 7PM”

  1. Heard them all John. Contaminated etc…etc… no feedback if live in a flat ! There were supposed to be clear bag
    s sent out by RBWM never happened I did ask. Lets hope the sound quality has improved eh 😉

  2. My neighbour has still to receive her black bin which disappeared after it had been emptied 4 weeks ago. In respect of litter picking we have two litter pick groups here in the Ascot & Sunnings area. We regularly pick up litter which should have been cleared by RBWM.

  3. On the matter of the new speaker system, we are still not hearing some of what is being said by Councillors, including the Mayor

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